Protecting Trade Secrets

Secret Keep your secrets

Secret allows to easily record, certify and safeguard trade secrets, a with the same validity as traditional methods.

It is the irrefutable proof of the sending, the content and the delivery of a confidential document, accrediting its confidentiality status.

We keep the records

Once your documents are attested, we keep them for 5 years on our servers.

Ease of use

Our services are developed to adapt to fit the way you work and not to change it, not the other way round, that's why they are easy and intuitive.

Patented technology

Our services use technology developed by us, backed by more than 100 patents granted around the world.

Secret Platform

The qualified electronic registered delivery provides the maximum legal security that a trusted service provider can offer, recording, in this case, the document/s or documents as confidential.

Send documents Simple and user-friendly

Send documents form the Secret platform.

Once the user has successfully logged in, the document/s to be sent are loaded, and the destination email and the access code for the documents (optional) is entered. Once delivered, a registered email is sent, with no attachments and with an automatically generated link.

website service

Attesting the process Access to the documents

When your user clicks the link of the Registered Email, he will be prompted to enter the access code (if applicable) and once validated, the documents will be displayed.

The documentary evidence is issued providing the time and sender of the registered email, as well as the time and the recipient of delivery, its content, the URL and the access time.

Secret benefits


The documents sent through Secret are strong and reliable evidence in case of any dispute.


We safe keep the documentary evidence and the documents sent during 5 years.


The Secret platform is as easy to use as sending an email.


The intuitive use of our solutions improves team productivity.

In the cloud

Solutions to be used anywhere at anytime. All you need is an Internet connection.

Taking care of the environment

Reduce paper waste and save money.


All about Secret

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