Registered Email

Email with probative value

Registered Email

Reliable evidence

Registered Email provides a legal proof of the content of the message, the exact time the email is sent to the user’s handset, and the moment it is received.

It is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to provide legal security to your usual electronic communications, without having to adapt to new tools or new protocols. Send it as a regular email.


Send your email as usual.The difference is that you have to write our registered address in the CC field.


Registered Email for legal evidence. Several court rulings have recognized it as reliable communication


A Registered Email is 95% cheaper than its paper counterpart. It offers convenience and time savings.

Pay per use. No registration fees. No expiration date.

The documetary evidence is stored for 5 years

Content certification of message and its attachments (up to 5 MB)

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Patented system

Registered Email is a reliable and robust communication solution developed by our technicians.

So it has been evidenced by the patents granted in several countries.

How electronic notifications work

Registered Email

The whitelist Registered in

First, sign in to Once registered, our email address is added to our whitelist of certification-enabled addresses.

You can add additional addresses at any time from the user’s platform Tools. It should be noted that an email address can only belong to a single whitelist; therefore, if several users are used in, they must have different mailing addresses in the whitelist.

Reliable evidence

Write our registered address in the CC field. Sending Registered Email

Certifying your email is simple. Write your message as usual, just write our registered address in the CC field.

Once sent, you will receive an email informing it has reached our servers and it is being processed. The recipient receives two emails, the one sent by the user and the one sent by us. The contents of the original email are never modified or altered.

We generate the legally binding certificate as soon as the email is delivered. When accessing the email, we generate the addendum of access to content

The evidence

The evidence The certificate

The documentary evidence we issued includes the date and time, the sender’s IP address, the delivery time and recipient’s IP address, the sender's and recipient’s details, and the contents of the email including the attachments (up to 5 MB) all time stamped

The document is a PDF document. All certificates are available in . You can also send it by email whenever an email is certified.

Trusted third party and custody of the documentary evidence

As a telecom operator, we store the document. A trusted third party is an institution designed for the digital field and based on several directives and laws.

We store the documentary evidence during 5 years. We comply with ISO 27001 standard protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information.

Benefits of Registered Email

Legal value

This electronic notification can be used as evidence.


Within seconds, your communication will be delivered to the addressee, without having to wait for hours or even days.

Any time, anywhere

Send it at any time from your mobile, your tablet or your laptop.


No need to install any special software application to send a Registered Email.


The cost is much lower than traditional reliable communications.

Protects the environment

It prevents the management, the expenses and the impact on the environment that involves the use and abuse of paper.

Some uses of electronic notifications

Debt collection

Extension of terms

Notice of delinquency

Mandate acceptance (SEPA)

Pick up and delivery notifications

Sending test results to providers (chemical, food, construction and building factories)

Notification workforce schedules

Protection of intellectual rights

Several ways to send reliable Registered Email

Web mail

Simply send a copy (Cc) to our registered email address.


Integrate our API's seamlessly into all your current programs or applications. We assist and provide integration support with all our API's.


Prepare your data, transfer it to our servers and we will send it for you.

Tailor-made development

We develop tailor-made projects for our customers. Contact us.

Try it out for free

Send it , just the way you always do. You can attach as many files as you wish, up to 5 MB.
Add our registered address in the CC field and send it. We will certify your email.

Your email is processed and a registered copy is sent to the recipient.

You will receive a demo certificate providing the exact time and date of the delivery, the sender, the recipient, the content of the message and the attachments.

Get 5 free registered emails to test the service.

They place their trust in us

Case studies

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