Registered inbox

A mailbox that certifies all incoming messages, including content and attachments

Registered inbox

Deliver to the sender a certificate of the message

With registered inbox, you will get a mailbox that will certify all incoming messages, including attachments if any, sending the certificate to the sender.

Thanks to our service, your customers will have the proof the message was sent, improving trust and credibility with them.

Registered Email and Registered SMS

Our certifying mailboxes allow you to certify the emails you receive, and/or the SMS you send to the number that we provide to you.

Easy for your users

Forget about tedious and endless bureaucratic processes. Send registered SMS or Registered Email. Your users will appreciate that!

Enhances customer confidence

The sender receives a certificate, a strong evidence of the message being delivered.

Pay per use. No registration fees. No expiration date.

Patented service

Registered Email is a reliable and robust communication solution developed by our technicians.

Running the service

Registered inbox

First step Request the service

To use the service, you need to be a customer. If you are yet not a customer and you wish to register, Sign in now to access all services.

To have your own registered email or SMS certifying inbox, you should contact us to the email address or phone number provided at the bottom of the page.

Registered inbox

Second step The certificates

We can send the generated certificates to the service administrator and to the senders. You choose.

The issued certificate provides the sender of the message, the date and time of both sending and delivery, the recipient of the message and a time stamp.

Our APIs

Integration Our APIs

Certificates are also accessible through our APISfor you to work from your usual software.

Registered inbox service improves your external customer communications.

Benefits of Registered inbox

Transparent process

The user does not need to use any particular app.


The cost of the certification mailbox is offset by the significant savings of time involved compared when carried out in person.

Eco friendly

Saving on paper costs as well as the environmental improvement entailed by the reduction of its use.

How to use Registered inbox


Integrate our API's seamlessly into all your current programs or applications. We assist and provide integration support with all our API's.

Tailor-made development

We develop tailor-made projects for our customers. Contact us.

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