Platform4Equity Initiative

What is Platform4Equity ?

An initiative whereby invests in Tech start-ups or companies willing to sell its services through the web and looking for a digital contracting platform or for the company's highly specialized certification services

What is its origin?

The source is to be found in the goals for which has gone public, namely internationalization, RDI and investing in complementary companies. This programme is aimed at fulfilling the last mentioned objective.

How does it work?

It's simple. provides the development of the digital contracting platform, i.e. Click & Sign Pro and certification services during an agreed time period between the parties in exchange for company shares.

Is there any similar service?

The initiative mirrors Media for equity model, where media companies are part of Internet companies in exchange for advertising on their media.

Who can sign up?

Early or mid-stage B2B or B2C companies deluding us or sharing our eagerness to their work can email at

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