Case studies

They place their trust in us.

Banc Sabadell
472 Colombia
Iberia cards
Metro Madrid
Grup Vilar Riba
logo Grup Vilar Riba

Jordi Pallarès / Moisès Aguilar, Legal Chief Officer / Lawyer working in the labour department

We particularly loved the ease and agility of contracting the system and its credit-based use. In other words, you top up some credits and start working without too much training, without any specific software installation or technical complexity

logo Oigame

Alexander Vargas, Business Development Manager of the Colombian company Oigame Consultores Empresariales

Registered notification service has made possible to help in the internal operating processes of companies and in their digital transformation.

logo Bio-Cord

Macarena Campos, Biocord Marketing Director gives us peace of mind and guarantees that parents verify the engagement of our services in a simple safely and legally way.

logo Holaluz

Narcís Matabosch, Planification Sales Manager

Connectaclik Pro has provided Holaluz with effective and customized solutions,a must have for any services we will add to our processes.

logo reclamador

Pablo Rabanal, CEO of reclamador

“Thanks to this agreement we would provide security, reliability and efficiency to our users. Being a technological platform it is crucial to offer the highest quality and the greatest attention to our customers”

logo Galp

Raúl Tapias, Sales Manager B2C in Galp Energia Gas & Power Division

The digitization of the sales processes helps to achieve total control of the whole process.

logo Munich

Xavier Berneda, Munich Managing Director

We use SMS indeed. We know it's hard to believe since now more than ever everything is done via Whatsapp. We receive few SMS, but when receiving one you ensure visibility. We use it a lot.

logo Eurona

Joaquín Galí, Managing Director

We have found out how powerful is the SMS when dealing with customers. South Africa
logo South Africa

Giacomo Avondo, Country Manager South Africa

Registered electronic communications provide the original content of what was communicated; we get the irrefutable this is what you said.

logo Presidence

Alberto M. Muñoz, CEO of Presidence

Since we are using registered electronic communications, we no longer use classic Burofax notifications.

Iberia Cards
logo Iberia Cards

Gonzalo Sánchez-Mellado, Iberia Cards CIO

"We started using just for sending SMS to our customers, but I have to emphasize how fast and simple was migrating to the platform we were offered".

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida
logo La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

Montse Minguez, Lleida City Council registered e-mail, allowed us to save up to 66% in paper consumption.

logo Verifica

Luis Cubero, Director of Technology

"Up to 20% of the contacts of a database may contain errors. Using’s Data Checker services we save many calls and e-mails".

Asesoria Financiera
logo Asesoria Financiera

Gal·la Sánchez, Managing Director

"The registered email service is a proof of sending that guarantees the message has not been altered: when you explain that to your customers, it is very reassuring for them".

Ollé & Sapena
logo Ollé & Sapena

Eva Sapena, Ollé&Sapena Procuradors

"We use our usual mail account to register every communication we send. At any time, anywhere and saving costs".