Registered invoice

Send invoices via Registered Email

Registered invoice

Send invoices via email with the added benefit of an irrefutable proof

Send invoices as attachments to a Registered Email. Legally proving the sending, the content and the delivery.


Send your email as usual. Just write our invoice registered address in the CC field.


Registered Email as legal evidence. Several court rulings have accept it as legally binding communication.


The cost of a Registered Email is 95% cheaper than its paper counterpart. It offers convenience and time savings.


1 message = 7 credits


Pay per use. No registration fees. No expiration date.

Registered address

Do not forget our registered address for invoices:

Sending registered invoices

Web mail

Simply send a copy (Cc) to our registered email address.


Integrate our API's seamlessly into all your current programs or applications. We assist and provide integration support with all our API's.


Prepare your data, transfer it to our servers and we will send it for you.

Tailor-made development

We develop tailor-made projects for our customers. Contact us.

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